Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up on the remote Sat-phone blogs from the coast between Sandblow to Low Rocky Point

Rest before the last haul to the dingy landing spot

Rope walk

A long drag at the end of a long day

Transcript Seven – Guest Blogger Dayna Trevaskis. Sent 1 pm April 8th 2010 detailing the activities of the 7th of April

“This morning’s wake up call came through from Dave at about quarter to six. He called for the crew swap over maneuver. Dara and I hauled ourselves out of bed [on velocity] and grabbed a couple of crumpets for the dinghy trip over to the Chieftain G for a spot of early morning Cray fishing with Captain Davey and Spikey, our mentor crayfish “hauler-upperer” and general “tell-ya-what-to-doer”. The day could almost not have started better with ‘bolt blue sky and albatross wheeling above and around the boat. We rocked the pots for a good couple of hours in our funky blue ad bright yellow wet weather overalls, while the rest of the crew were whisked into the beach and checked the Sandblow out for rubbish. By the time we’d thrown the pots back in and a few [red shelled] beastie boys below deck [in the cray well]. The remainder of the Cleanup fleet had moved north to the next beach [in the lea of Low Rocky] targeted for our surf/cleanup assault. The surf report was fun, but not perfect, which matched the beach rubbish situation. Today’s scrutineering was accompanied by our first touch of “shock horror” RAIN! Once the beach was clean we were all ferried back to the mothership Velocity by Captains Davey and Harry for an epic rubbish sort, followed by a few beers and an on board fry-up for dinner. Life is tough. Over and out”

Marine Debris collected:
The SandBlow = 632 items
Beach in the lea of Low rocky = 1640
Running total for the 2010 cleanup trip = 17 067 items

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