Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hania's Blog revisited - a more complete version

Photo Note: natural underwater treasures - and dinner!

Transcript Five (Repeat of Mondays blog)– Guest Blogger Hania Watt, reporting on what sounds to be an extra ordinary day. Resent via satellite phone at 1 pm 8th of April 2010

“Hi there! Today was another early rise at 5 am to check the craypots. I chose to take the offer to give Dave and the crew of the Chieftain G a hand with hauling the pots this morning and let the two young boys catch up on their beauty sleep. Sunrise revealed another glorious day on the west coast. We all enjoyed a relaxing morning with the team taking part in various leisure activities diving, surfing or fishing. We then shared a hearty baked bean breakfast before hitting Craypot Beach. We walked the length and breath of the beach and scaled the dunes. We found a bulk of the rubbish buried deep in the sand and concentrated up river among the tea tree. A few gnarly adventurers scaled the steep sand slopes to retrieve the rubbish deposited there by the prevailing westerly winds. Hamish took a spectacular tumble down the dunes in front of an attentive audience, including an intrigued sea eagle. We returned to the fleet to reset the pots and sort out our loot. "Miss Carmen” crew and volunteers were treated to a feast of fresh crayfish as a reward from the skipper. We scoffed it like kids after a sports carnival. Some reggae rhythms resonated around the our bay anchorage while the skies had us gazing up at a spectacular Aurora Australis. A delicious second dinner of fresh abs and crays from the days diving. Some live music from a few talented folk provided some enthusiasm for the late night sorting mission. So our work it seems is rewarded again like the precious days by the visions we experienced of nature smiling upon us. Thanks everyone for another happy, successful day."

Notes :
*The loss of information from today’s blog is possibly explained by the “rain” of charged particles in the upper atmosphere which cause the Aurora Australis to occur. It is plausible that these charged particles also interrupt the satellite communication required to send the blog.

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