Friday, April 9, 2010

Last remote Blog from the Sou'West

Part of the 599 cans collected at Beercan Bay

Dara removing rope from Ketcham Bay

Southwest cape in fairweather. 2008 Cleanup

Transcript Eight – Guest Bloggers Dara Penfold and Hamish Renwick. Sent 11 am April 9th 2010

“Dara Penfold and Hamish Renwick reporting here this very fine day Thursday the 8th. Woking up to skipper Harry pulling up the anchor and off we went at 7am. We started steaming from the beach in the lea of Low Rocky and four and a half hours later arrived at beautiful Ketchum Bay. It was a rolly trip, beating us back to bed for a morning siesta. Once at Ketchum, we got the day on the road with a strong coffee and off we went to the foreshore. It was a challenging up hill rope climb leading us to the true South West bush walking path to Ketchum Bay. We then ran into a bunch of bushwalkers that soon told us where the rubbish was, and off we went. At Ketchum Bay and new harbor we collected the most aluminum cans with 599 and roughly another 225 pieces, making a total of 824 for the two beaches. The day was ended with a mean Wursthaus lamb Lyonnaise on the BBQ with roasted carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Oh and BBQ mushrooms and capsicum washed down with some Gillespies’s Ginger Beer. On behalf of myself and Hamish, we would like to thank Matt “the Gator” Dell for all his work, the 15 volunteers and also Davey Wyatt, Nic Harris and Dean from the lovely Miss Carmen. It has been an awesome experience, the lovely South West is amazing, and we recommend it to anyone that has the chance to see it by sea to latch on and take the ride!.”

“P.S.: When we weren’t emu bobbing the beaches, life was spent in the ocean or in the galley, underneath the spell of an ipod and creating “all-time-next-level-legit-dance-moves”: “the Sliding Palp”, “the Content Head-flip-bob”, “the Tanglefoot” to name a few. Life was fun!! Back to reality tomorrow though…. Siiick! [much laughter]”

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